SuperSulfur, 16 oz.

Organic sulfur without fillers.

SuperSulfur, 16 oz.;Organic sulfur without fillers.

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    Organic Sulfur, crystals, 16oz.
    99.7% pure organic sulfur supplement without fillers.  From pine lignans sourced from marine pine trees.

    The use of organic sulfur dates back to 1075 when it was found to soften the skin.  It has been used as a beauty aid that replaces sulfur lost due to artificial fertilizers, and as a food supplement to promote oxygen transport across cell membranes.  Many diseases are worsened by anaerobic conditions (low in oxygen), and organic sulfur helps the body use and transport oxygen more efficiently.  SuperSulfur can be taken as a sleep aid before bedtime and can be added to tooth-brushing regimens to address gum disease.

    Do you have food and inhalant allergies?  How about frequent colds, infections, bronchitis?  Skin problems?  Arthritis?  And so on for almost any chronic pain or suffering….

    Underlying imbalances in the digestive system or colon could be the source of this misery.

    Sulfur is not the only medicine that you should learn about, but it is an important tool for you to consider.  Read the following articles and continue to learn about gut dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome until you arrive at the best natural medicines to overcome these ailments.

    Using this Sulfur will greatly assist you in changing the internal environment that has created these problems.

    Suggested Use:  Take 1 tsp. (4 grams) per 100 lbs. of body weight twice a day.  Dissolve a measured dose of SuperSulfur Crystals™ in approximately 8 oz. of warm pure water.  Take alone away from other supplements or meals by a half hour or more.

    If cleansing reactions or headaches result, they may indicate a rapid detoxification process.  Reduce the dosage amount by 50%, but continue with it twice a day until symptoms go away.  Then slowly increase again to normal amounts.

    Note:  SuperSulfur is a great way to promote hair regrowth and scalp rejuvenation.

    Contents:  16 oz. (454 grams) of 99.7 percent pure organic crystalline sulfur, with no fillers.

    Read about the impressive performance of this product in the article The Sulfur Study.

    Also spelled as sulphur or sulpher.