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Calcium-binding protein from jellyfish tha

Clearance Sale 50% Off! Reg. $89.95, Pro, 40 mg Aequorin; Calcium-binding protein from jellyfish tha

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    Prevagen Pro™ is the professional-strength formulation of Prevagen™, containing 40mg of Aequorin per capsule.

    As everyone ages, calcium-binding proteins in the body are diminished.  Many studies show that neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Huntington's are triggered by the loss of these calcium-binding proteins in the brain.  Prevagen™ restores these proteins with an all-natural protein called Aequorin that is sourced from jellyfish.

    Calcium-binding proteins are proven to diminish with age, and as they decline, brain cells are more likely to suffer the deficits of aging.  Brain diseases such as Alzheimer's are associated with a loss of calcium-binding proteins that protect nerve cells.  Alterations in the capacity to maintain normal calcium balance have been suggested to underlie the reduced cellular function characteristic of the aging process.  The concentration of ionic calcium in body fluids has been described as one of "nature's physiological constants" and disruptions in calcium balance are known to cause many problems.

    Calcium-binding proteins have been widely recognized to serve as a protective factor in areas susceptible to aging such as the brain.  Based on decades of research, Prevagen was developed using a simple protein found in the common jellyfish Aequorea victoria that restores the calcium-binding proteins that reduce cell death.

    Suggested use:  1 capsule daily

    Contents:  30 capsules

    For further information, read the article "Calcium's Effects on Brain Functions" by Dan Moran, Ph.D.

    Read the article "Prevagen:  A novel calcium-binding protein from jellyfish that replenishes proteins to fight aging and neuro-degenerative disease" in the NaturoDoc Library.