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pHenomenal, 32oz. liquid concentrate

Raises body pH to an alkaline level.

pHenomenal, 32oz. liquid concentrate; Raises body pH to an alkaline level.

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    pHenomenal Dehydrogenated Drinking Water Concentrate is a concentrate that the user dilutes with water to made "reduced water," which reduces the body's acidity.

    When pHenomenal concentrate is added to your drinking water, the water's chemical makeup actually becomes OH rather than H20, because one hydrogen module is removed.  This product is different from other alkaline water products in that it maintains its stability and does not need to be consumed immediately, so you can make a supply for a day or two in advance.

    pHenomenal Dehydrogenated Drinking Water Concentrate has a proven shelf life of 5 years and does not need to be kept refrigerated.

    Suggested Use:   Waters that contain minerals will neutralize the effectiveness of pHenomenal, so mix pHenomenal with water that is low in minerals or mineral-free.  Distilled water, water that has undergone reverse osmosis, or water that has been run through a home filtration system (such as a Britta filter) all work well.  Many people have a favorite one-liter drinking water container that they pre-fill with the diluted pHenomenal and carry with them.  Others like to mix up a larger batch and keep it refrigerated for easy use.

    Obviously, while drinking an alkaline substance and attempting to remove acids from your system, it is counterproductive to take in acids.  Consider limiting or temporarily removing acid drinks such as coffee, soda, tea, and orange juice from your diet.  However, if this is too large a step for you and will discourage you from drinking pHenomenal, just try to limit your intake of acids and you will soon see that the energy received from pHenomenal will replace and in some cases surpass the boost you were seeking from other beverages.

    Contains one 32oz. bottle of concentrate--enough to last about 15 days.  Includes 1oz. measuring cup.

    Note:  Our experience is that this product works great with cats and dogs who have fungal infections in their ears.  Just put a little in their water.