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Clearance Sale 50% Off! Reg. $19.95, Cancer Didn't Kill Them

Clearance Sale 50% Off! Reg. $19.95, Cancer Didn't Kill Them

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    Cancer Didn't Kill Them; They Died From the Treatment (The Laetrile Story) by Evelyn Stacer

    Richard and Evelyn Stacer’s journey through this lifetime took many turns along the way, seemingly bent on challenges of justice and truth.  After the completion of Richard's World Ware II naval duty, four years of law school, and the commencement of a civilian law practice, he met the love of his life.

    Fate intervened when he was recalled to military duty as a Law Specialist, activating a huge change in their lives.  The unexpected challenges which followed involved Evelyn’s diagnosis of cancer, her treatment using Vitamin B17 (Laetrile), and a highly controversial court battle.

    Evelyn Stacer asserts, "I am alive today at the age of 81 because Laetrile has controlled my cancer since the age of 42."  She wrote this book because of her courageous conviction that people deserve to know why so many are suffering and dying from the controlled cancer treatments, and why Laetrile has been successfully quashed by the medical establishment.  She enlightens the reader as to the fallacy of the current medical treatments of cancer, and proposes better ways in which to prevent or control cancer.

    238 pages