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Lung Life, 2oz. Liquid

Inhalant therapy for lung health.

Lung Life, 2oz. Liquid; Inhalant therapy for lung health.

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    NaturoDoc's Lung Life is a custom formulation of the natural medicines Serrapeptidase and Reduced L-Glutathione.  Serrapeptidase is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down structural proteins like fibrin and collagen which make up the sheaths around tumors.  Reduced L-Glutathione is an amino acid that promotes the repair and construction of new structural proteins that are needed to maintain healthy tissues.

    Important:  The initial purchase of this formulation requires a brief phone or email consultation with our doctor to determine the proper use for each individual.  This involves a one-time additional cost of $40 (to order, see "Related Items" below).  Upon receipt of your order for this product, we will contact you to arrange the consultation.  For repeat orders, the consultation is optional.

    Ingredients:  One dose (1 ml, or 25 drops) contains 100mg Reduced L-Glutathione, 35mg N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), 4mg Glycyrrhizinate, and 17mcg Serrapeptidase (Serratio-peptidase).

    Dosage:  25 drops (1 ml) per dose, to be used as directed by the doctor.

    Contents:  2 oz. liquid, in a glass dropper bottle.  This is equal to 59 ml, or 59 doses.

    Note:  This inhaler medicine must be kept refrigerated.  It is shipped with an ice pack via Express Mail.  Please select express delivery when you order.  No returns on this item.