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Comprehensive Elements Thyroid Profile

Comprehensive Elements Thyroid Profile

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    Iodine plays many different roles in optimizing health and preventing disease.  As a result, it is essential to maintain proper iodine intake and identify any problems associated with either inadequate or excessive iodine levels.  Deficiency, in particular, has become a global health problem.  Accurate diagnosis may often be overlooked because the symptoms overlap with those of other illnesses, possibly masking the problem.

    While measurement of urinary iodine levels may provide useful information on one's iodine nutritional status, having sufficient levels does not always guarantee that adequate amounts of thyroid hormones are being synthesized by the thyroid gland.

    The Comprehensive Elements Thyroid Profile combines the advanced technology of measuring iodine in dried urine with that of thyroid hormone measurements in finger-prick dried blood spots.

    This test is designed to evaluate not only the availability of iodine, but also its capacity to be utilized for thyroid hormone synthesis.  The capacity of the thyroid gland to utilize iodine for thyroid hormone synthesis is determined by measuring Iodine and Creatinine in dried urine, and thyroglobulin, TSH, total T4, free T4, and TPO antibodies in finger-prick whole blood dried on filter paper.

    Thyroid function can be affected by many factors, including nutritional deficiencies and environmental exposure to certain elements.  This profile is designed to help evaluate elemental exposure and thyroid hormone synthesis.  Tests in this profile include Dried Urine:  Iodine, Bromine, Selenium, Arsenic, and Creatinine;  and Blood Spot:  Total T4, Thyroglobulin, TSH, free T3, free T4, and TPO.

    Blood spot testing is a minimally invasive form of hormone and wellness testing.  Collection of a blood spot sample is easy and convenient -- all it takes is a simple nick of the finger with a lancet and placement of blood drops onto a special filter paper to dry.  You then send the samples by regular mail without the need to keep the sample cold or to label it as a biohazard.  Blood testing can be done at home with convenience and privacy.

    The test takes about two weeks once the sample is received by the lab.  A comprehensive, easy-to-read report of test results is returned to you via email in PDF format.  We recommend that you do a consultation with our staff doctor to interpret the results and recommend a treatment plan.