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Ancer Gel

Powerful skin nutriment.

Ancer Gel; Powerful skin nutriment.

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    Anyone suffering from fermenting cells on the skin may benefit from the use of Ancer.  It stops the metabolic fermentation process inside those cells and allows the immune system to clean up and help restore natural healthy skin.

    No sting;  feels refreshing and soothes itching of fungal infections immediately upon contact.  Ancer is great for reversing athlete's foot and other fungal infections of the feet.

    Supplement Info

    Proprietary Blend:  15 ml
    Arceuthobium campylopodum* (extract)
       Myricetin 3-0 Galactocide
       Quercetin 3-0 Galactocide

    * Western dwarf mistletoe


    Use instructions:  Squirt a small amount on a finger and rub on the skin wherever needed.  Allow the gel to dry before contact with clothing.